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Nic.tr Closed

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Nic.TR services ended on Monday, September 12, 2022, at 09.00.
TRABİS was opened on 14.09.2022 and “com.tr,” “org.tr,” and “net.tr”
applications started to be allocated without documents.
In this context, all operations of domain names with .TR extension only
will be carried out through
- How can I manage my domain name registration on Nic.TR before?
You can access your relevant domain name via https://kk.trabis.gov.tr ​​with the responsible code and password information you used in Nic.TR before.
- I need technical support about https://kk.trabis.gov.tr ​​application. What should I do?
You can create a support request by logging in from your TRABİS-KK user account or send an e-mail to support@trabis.gov.tr.
- What actions can I take regarding my domain names on https://kk.trabis.gov.tr?
You can only transfer all transactions related to gov.tr, pol.tr, edu.tr, tsk.tr and public school domain names with the k12.tr extension, and for domain names belonging to other extensions.
- How can I buy a new domain name?
A new domain name You can allocate a new domain name on our website www.turknethost.com. You can also allocate gov.tr, pol.tr and edu.tr, tsk.tr and public school k12.tr domain names free of charge from the kk.trabis.gov.tr ​​page.
For all your other questions about TRABIS, you can use the contact information on trabis.gov.tr.

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