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Network Infrastructure of Our Data Center

Turknethost is one of the biggest partners of Turkey-based Netfactor Telekom and we provide hosting and server services in a secure environment in our own cabinets.

Turknethost provides uninterrupted service to its customers on a strong network infrastructure.

The main backbone connection is provided over TTNET (Turk Telekom) fibers. We have 3 separate fiber connections and we have the opportunity to go from a capacity of approximately 6 Gbps to 12 Gbps with 12 ends on each fiber.

In addition, we have backup of our main line with VFNET (Vodafone) and SUPERONLINE (Turkcell) fiber infrastructure.

Turkcell (SuperOnline) fiber outlets are made over a fiber connection consisting of a total of 12 ends between SuperOnline Headquarters Esentepe center and our data center.

Vodafone (Borusan) fiber outlets are made over a fiber connection consisting of a total of 12 ends between Borusan Headquarters Gayrettepe center and our data center.

Turkenthost works with Juniper MX80 Router and Cisco Catalyst 2960G switches.

We define separate VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) for each of our Datacenter Customers and route their IP addresses to the relevant devices. Our customers work on their own Vlan Network.

Network Monitoring

Turknethost monitors the networks of all its customers instantly via 4 LCD Screens. In line with your request, when your server's services (Http, Smtp, Sql, Ping etc.) are stopped or your server cannot be reached, you are notified by contacting you from your registered phone. In addition, notification e-mails are sent to your e-mail address registered in our system.

For our VIP customers, you have a management panel that they can view via your Netflow panel (Source/Destination Address) MX80-48T Router and prohibit Destination Address against DDOS and similar attacks.

Juniper MX80-48T

It has proven itself as a brand value and continued to offer preferred products. Juniper first started to serve Telecom operators with M-Series Router models. Turknethost serves with Juniper MX80-48T, which is the MX-Series Router model.

Cisco Catalyst 2960G

• Support for data, wireless and voice communication so you can set up all your communication needs on a single network.
• Power over Ethernet capability so you can easily use new functions without the need for cable connections.
• Fast Ethernet (100 Mb/s data transfer) or Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mb/s data transfer) options.
• Multiple model configurations with the ability to connect servers, IP phones, or other network devices.
• Ability to set up virtual LAN structures.
• Integrated security.
• Network monitoring capabilities and advanced troubleshooting of connection issues.

Energy Infrastructure

The Datacenter, which is located in the Altunizade region, is fed by powerful transformers. Aksa Power Generation has N+N infrastructure. Generator specifications are as follows.

AC 160 - 400 / 230 V - 50 Hz Generator Model AC 160

• Standby: Intermittent operation under variable load. It can work as backup power to the mains energy. Cannot be overloaded, works in accordance with ISO 3046, BS 5514.
• Prime : Working as a continuous power supply when there is no mains power.
• When operating under variable load 24 hours a day, 10% overload is allowed for 1 hour every 12 hours.
• Manufactured in accordance with ISO 3046, ISO 8528.
• It is a generator group that has passed standard full load and function tests.


Challenger Series 40-200kVA Ups
• There are 3 UPS connected in parallel in our system.
• 3/3 Phase Online Uninterruptible Power Supply.
• Unlimited Paralleling that does not require additional costs.
• Possibility of paralleling UPSs of different powers.
• Excellent Generator Compatibility.
• 100% Working Under All Kinds of Loads Guaranteed.
• Ability to Work Without Battery (Hot Swappable)
• Modular Service possibility.
• High Efficiency, Max 93%.

Security Infrastructure

Turknethost security infrastructure;
• 24/7 Camera Recording,
• 24/7 Security Staff,
• Alarm Systems,
• Provided with Card Entry and Exit control systems.

Thanks to the palm reading technology with Fujitsu Palm Secure, our inputs and outputs will be more secure. Thanks to the technology that is still used at very few points in the world, we will have taken our security to the next level. Our customers can monitor our Datacenter and Office areas 24/7 at http://camera.netfactor.net.tr when needed.

Cooling Infrastructure

Turknethost provides uninterrupted service to its customers with its strong cooling infrastructure.
LG Multi V Plus IIs
Daikin RZQ250C Super Inventer 90,000 BTU/h
Goodman A-60-00-2 75000 BTU/h

Images from our Datacenter:

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