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Персональные данные и общий договор о конфиденциальности

ГлавнаяПерсональные данные и общий договор о конфиденциальности

Turknethost Internet Services has a series of principles to protect the privacy rights of its customers.

However, often the acquisition of customer information by others; It is mostly done by malicious people directly deceiving the customer, phishing, obtaining passwords with key loggers or decrypting easily guessable passwords by the customer.

First of all, we strongly emphasize that when creating passwords, our customers should create complex passwords that are not the same as their username, that do not include their own and their relatives' names, surnames, village and town names, and cannot be easily guessed such as date of birth, vehicle license plate, and contain uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

The main principles we have to protect your privacy;

- Turknethost Internet Services and www.turknethost.com can not use the information of its customers in any media without their consent.

- The information transferred by customers during the works and transactions cannot be shared with third parties and companies.

- Shall not share, reproduce or sell data, data, files, special software, scripts, designs or systems belonging to customers, including its own personnel, that it has acquired knowingly or unknowingly.

- Database maintenance etc. ensures that the works are carried out only by authorized employees and in accordance with the principle of confidentiality.

- Confidentiality and confidentiality of customer data, site, database, electronic mail correspondence and all other data returned on TURKNETHOST is essential.

- Except for those whose name and authorities are determined by the customer in the authorization form, no information, password, payment amount, payment date information is shared to anyone, even from the customer company.

- FTP, Mail, Database and all other passwords created by customers through panels are under the customer's own information and record, and they do not keep the records of these passwords through forms.

- Do not use the personal information and e-mail addresses of the site members except for communicating with the member / customer, sending newsletters, conducting surveys, warnings, warnings, warnings and payment notifications about services, and cannot partially or completely sell, make use of or share to third parties and institutions.

- Transactions made through the TURKNETHOST website are encrypted with a 2048 bit SHA2 industry standard and GeoTrust SSL certificate verified with Extended Validation verification, and are processed between the user and the server, ensuring that third parties do not see, sniff or decipher the personal information sent, credit card information.

- Our customer's e-mail, website, server, database and other service contents are accessible to our system administrators, only system administrators can see and control this information while troubleshooting problems, and sharing unauthorized and third parties on the basis of privacy of customer data. , reproduction or distribution is out of the question.

PRIVACY is essential in our services, it is our duty to keep your data and present it to your consumers in a healthy and continuous way.

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